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My Honest SnoreMeds Review

I am a psychiatric patient and get irritated by loud and sharp noises during the day. This hardly allows me to concentrate on my work. If this is not enough, it is next to impossible to sleep at night because of the constant snoring of my wife. This prevents me from sleeping peacefully at night, further adding to my discomfort during the day, as I feel groggy for the better part of the day. I sought the help of different physicians and an ENT specialist to, but the medications provided by them, including oral tablets, nasal drops and sprays, and vaporizers did not help. She tried taking alternative medicines too such as homeopathy and Ayurveda without success. Some of my friends suggested that I wear earplugs, which provided me with comfort until the noise of my wife’s snoring reached such high decibels that even wearing earplugs proved futile.

Why does an individual snore without SnoreMeds?

I decided to go to the root of the problem by finding out why people snore and found out that this occurs when air does not move freely through the throat and nose of individuals when they sleep. This causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate, generating the familiar snoring sound. Partial blockage of the upper airway behind the tongue causes this problem as well. I also found that individuals who snore on a regular basis typically have too much nasal and throat tissues, which are more prone to vibrate. Snoring is associated with age too as the throats of individuals become narrower and the muscle tone in their throat decreases when they reach middle age. My wife is overweight, her poor muscle tone and fatty tissue too contribute to snoring. Tranquilizers do help to an extent, but I did not want her to become addicted to them. I searched online, purchased various devices, and tried them, but none of them provided any relief.

Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel

I was frustrated and was about to go crazy when one of my friends suggested that I try anti snoring products manufactured by SnoreMeds. He told me that he too used to suffer from snoring, had tried every possible solution without any help, until he started using the anti snoring device by SnoreMeds. Having tried every other option unsuccessfully, I decided to coax her to try this product. Initially, my wife was skeptical and did not want to use it. She stated that she would first check details about it online and use it only if she was satisfied. She did find many negative reports but was horrified to find different anti snoring products advertised at the end of those reports. It was clear that other companies were trying to malign the reputation of SnoreMeds, a company jointly owned by Phillippa Logan and Hall-Jones. After going through several positive and negative reports, she decided to try the product of SnoreMeds, particularly as they were offering a 45 day trial period, which was 50% more than the 30 days offered by their competitors.

Finding out more about SnoreMeds

I visited their website and found that that the product was BPA and latex free (both are hazardous chemicals), and manufactured using FDA approved materials. I hardly found such assurances on the websites of other companies offering similar devices. The website of SnoreMeds also contained details of a breathing test and stated that the device would only help those who successfully passed that test from snoring. It was a simple test consisting of breathing in deeply normally while inhaling the air to the back of the throat and to notice if there is any vibration or movement of tissue. My wife tried this test and repeated the procedure by moving her lower jaw forward. She was surprised to note that air was now flowing freely and a reduction in vibration too. This implied that the anti snoring mouthpiece of SnoreMeds would stop her snoring problems. She was convinced and we decided to purchase the device.

Details About SnoreMeds
SnoreMed offers a mouthpiece that is basically a jaw advancing device, designed to hold the jaw in a forward position while sleeping. It works by preventing the tongue of the user from sliding towards the back of his/ her throat, and blocking his/ her airway in the process. The website of SnoreMed displayed two different sizes of the device: the larger one for males and the smaller one for females. This single device contains an air hole in its front, which is helpful for people who breathe in air through their mouth. At $46.95 per mouthpiece, this device is cheaper than the medicines prescribed by the doctors. Purchasing the “value pack” worked out cheaper as it costs $94.95 for four units.

Peace at last

I ordered the device, and my wife was able to apply it easily following the step by step instructions detailed in the included booklet. She now no longer snores, allowing me to sleep peacefully. My only criticism is that the device lasts for only four months. I strongly suggest it to individuals who cannot control their snoring. Individuals using implants, caps, dentures, or crowns should not use this device.